Mike Wennin – 10/31/2012 Message

Hi, Just a heads up that I made a $100 donation to the MAD van repair via PayPal. I just want to make sure you get it ok. Thanks for all that you are doing to support this project.


From: HK Edgerton [hk.edgerton@gmail.com]
Date: Thu, Nov 1, 2012

Dear Mike,

God bless you, and all who contribute to me returning to the 10 year anniversary March commemorating the Historic March Across Dixie. I often ponder just why more people like yourself don’t help as we watch everyday the social and cultural genocide of the South. I often ponder how people running for public office come into the South, and talk down on our symbols and people, yet all the time raising vast amounts of money while doing so, and it is so difficult putting ones life literally on the line everyday to combat an American wrong being perpetrated against the most patriotic, God loving people who have had to carry the veil of the economic institution of slavery as if they were the only actors in this arena. I have never had much to fight with, but still I fight, and this is an important time in American life for those of us who are champion fighters of this curse to push forward for the good of the country, and the vindication of the most honorable people on God’s earth. It is even more important for me, the son of former slaves, to step forward on the side of the Southern people whose ancestors stepped forward for us in lieu of the tale told by the so called victor. All I can ask is for a little help, and I promise victory in the Cold War Between the States, and those who make a Stand against these ends know I speak the truth. I can already see the fear in their eyes, and hear the tremble in their voices as more of them come to see the truth as spoken by President Davis and all those honorable men and women who made a Stand in Dixieland, be they freed or indentured. Again God bless you.

Your brother,