Kirk David Lyons – 12/17/2012 Status Update

“On this cold, rainy & windy day there were 20 flaggers on the line – half under the age of 21. Haywood County contingent got there at 10 AM, Buncombe County continggent arrived at 11AM. The wind & rain abated before we all left. Members fanned outwith flags and petitions requesting the County to not enact any display policy that woud ban the Confederate Battle flag. Made lots of new friends – usual barrage of honks & high fives. We’ll post pictures later. I attended the Bd of Commissioners meeting to tell & correct them that 1. We have not”threatened” them or anyone with a lawsuit and 2. Those of us who live in Buncombe County are not outsiders – we are neighbors. Comparing thhis situation to the 50’s sitcom “the Honeymooners,” we are Ed Norton to their Ralph Kramden. Dees who has now injected himself into the equation is the “outsider”.”


On Tue, Dec 18, 2012, HK Edgerton [] wrote:

You go Kirk. D,

I just love it when you go to lawyering and teaching. All the babies and their parents who along with the many in the Waynesville community stood with you; make us all proud to be called Southern. God bless you.

Your brother,