Byron Spickard – 1/14/2013 Comment

Mr. Edgerton,

I am a content creator for a christian website called Christians against Obama’s Reelection. I have posted a couple of your links on one of my post dealing with the 2nd ammendment and because I have caught a bunch of flack due to one of the confederate battle flags on the post. I wanted to invite you to check us out and make comments to these miss informed American on the Civil war and the reasons the south fought in it. here is the link.

Thank you for spreading the truth about the civil war.


Christians Against Obama’s Re-Election


From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Spicard,

In my estimation, there are several constants in the Cold War Between the States that is heating up as I write. There is an orchestrated attack on the life and memory of Jesus Christ and the Christian Bible of his teachings. And so goes the fate of the Confederate Battle Flag, so goes the fate of Christianity and the slim hope of ever having a return to a Constitutional Republic, or any chances of equity in social vertical mobility for the African people in the body politic of American life should it lose this time.

Billy Graham climbed into bed with those who have a total disregard for Jesus after his visit with Mitt Romney, and made a weak attempt at cleaning it up. In the Shrine City where two of the greatest Christians used to rest in peace, (The Honorable General Robert E. Lee, and the Honorable General Thomas Stonewall Jackson) treachery at the highest level, comparable only to that of Judas or Benedict Arnold as Mimi Elrod, the Mayor whose great great uncle would issue the oath of office to another great Christian and great American, the Honorable President Jefferson Davis, would stain her ancestry as she led the way to ban the Christian Cross from city wide poles during celebrations of Lee/Jackson or Confederate Memorial Day. I shall tell her on Thursday, January 17, 2013, for the citizens of the South that she has disappointed and let down all of us by betraying a sacred trust on sacred ground.

In conclusion, the real tragedy for me and Southern Black folk is watching our Southern Whites coward down in a realm of White folk guilt while accepting and supporting those tainted politicians and judges and academicians who attack our symbols and heritage, and make mockery out of our loyalty with no mention of it.

In February during the month of beating up on White people in the South Month, there will be no national mention by the press about the Sons of Confederate Veterans leading the Martin Luther King Peace March in Cross City, Florida, or myself don in the Confederate soldiers uniform with the Christian Cross of St. Andrew in hand leading the Peace March in Asheville, North Carolina as we both give true meaning to Kings’ proclaimed dream of sitting down at the Table of Brotherhood. Nor will Hollywood write the Story about President Davis and his adopted African slave son, Jim Limber, nor will they tell the tale of a handsome Black man, “HK Edgerton, alongside his two brothers, and his Southern and arguably Northern family some ten years ago on the Historic March Across Dixie where I marched some twenty miles a day, six days a week down the same paths that King, Lowery, and Newton traveled to jeers, to cheers. Nor will the publishers come to offer fortunes of publication to my brother Terry Lee for his fast selling Pictorial Journal Documentation of this journey that puts to rest all the lies and distortions told about the loyal Black folks who call themselves Southern. Nor will Spielberg or Eastwood come calling about the documentation that Terry Lees’ film depicts of a different story than the one that leads to hate. God bless you, and please visit my website,

Your brother,