Confederate Pictures – 1/18/2013 Tagged Post

“Okay, this is what I have been preaching for years, right here. The American Left are, and have always been, a real RELIGION of power. A RELIGION is “a belief and worship of a superhuman controlling power.” From the New England yankee Cotton Mather and his terrorist New England Puritan Witchfinder Generals (they even have a football team now called THE PATRIOTS, again signifying their undue and undying ‘patriotism’, and/or overweening zeal in any matter!) all the way down to the Totalitarian Liberals of today… it has been the desire of New England to religiously control the country, EVEN IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY DISCERNIBLE GOD. They are now the god of their own world, and want desperately now to be the god of our’s …

And here is how this works. Once New England had ‘yankified’ the other northern states all the way out to Illinois and Ohio, they needed to be rid of the Celtic and undermining influences of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE that each of the states, as sovereign parties to the compact of the original ratified UNION had all agreed upon.

ESPECIALLY those influences of the HATED SOUTH. Now, the South had provided all of the founding fathers Celtic ideas of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE; the Constitution (based upon the Celtic Magna Carta Libertatum of 1215) and the Declaration of Independence (based upon the original Celtic Scottish Declaration of Independence written at Arboath in 1320). These ideas, so touted seventy years earlier as AMERICAN, and NOBLE, were denigrated into STATES RIGHTS at the eve of the first successful rise of the American Left to power, under Abraham Lincoln. As FEDERALISTS under Adams and Hamilton, (who had invented the despicable American Political Party System to actually circumvent the United States Constitution) and as WHIGS under Henry Clay, the American Left had mercifully FAILED and VANISHED… But Clay’s disciple, Abraham Lincoln, would not fail. And under the ‘Third Reich’ of the American Left, the Radical Republicans (known today as Liberal Democrats, to COMPLETELY try and hide in plain sight through a name)… would succeed.

Frank Conner, in THE SOUTH UNDER SIEGE, 1830-2000 (AMAZON) says that the “Hated Celts” and the Country English of the South were forever a burr under the saddle of the London-based Anglo-Saxons and their over-weening ambition, and their vicious socialist values.

These people were the Anglomen and the Easterners of which Thomas Jefferson spoke. Those “traitors” who “wanted to put us all back once again into the Colonial Condition under a king.” These traitors then become the Northerners and the Yankees (same exact bunch) in the 1860’s. Today they are known as the Blue States..

AND HERE is their plan. SECESSION is somehow AGAINST the RACE of their sitting president. Therefore, everything SOUTHERN (including the CONSTITUTION and the DECLARATION OF NDEPENDENCE and Southerner George Washington and Southerners Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Madison (the Father of the US CONSTITUTION) and James Monroe (The Monroe Doctrine) all must be ELIMINATED.

Their great enemies, John Adams (the Alien and Sedition Acts), Alexander Hamilton (the Father of the National Debt, and other horrors), Henry Clay, (The Thieving Whig inventor of the ‘American System’ of Graft and Corruption, and the agitator who failed and had to COMPROMISE in 1850) and Clay’s disciple, Abraham Lincoln, the God of this Present Liberal World… and a self-confessed Old Liberal Whig…) all of these must be seen as The United States of Socilaist America… and no one else.

The Northern Left only used the Libertarian South to get the British to go away… and now, these may be excused, and forgotten… for ever. Oh, and here, take this crumbling paperwork with you… and thanks for the New Birth of Liberal Freedom!!!!

And apparently, the Northern Liberal Socialist Blue States STILL own most all of the black people that they brought over here (and they brought them all, every one) and now use them to defeat the original United States of Libertarian America… known today mostly by the invective, THE CONSERVATIVE SOUTH.

And great men like Mr. Hk Edgerton , Booker T. Washington and Walter E. Williams are also treated as if they do not exist… at all.

So, Secession and Libertarianism are RACIST and OFFENSIVE and against the RELIGION of the YANKEE ‘DO-GOODER’ LIBERAL SOCIALIST, and his RACE of people that he is again using as human shields and cannon fodder in a war with the South… just like in the movie GLORY… at Fort Wagner in South Carolina… the Yankee again returns to his folly. But we today are wiser, and instead of a silent South who keeps all things to themselves in silent Celtic defeat… we can no longer afford to this.