Peter Dore – 2/28/2013 Comment

HK,I wondered if I may be presumptuous In asking you If you would be happy for me to send you a Friends request, I ask this as we both have a love for the South and Interest in the War for Southern Independence!I also have a great interest in the Napoleonic wars

Although I am from England, My Interest and love for the South started when I was a young boy, I am now 63, and own many History books on the struggle between the states, Also, I am Admin for English friends of the South,I am also an Associate member of SCV camp #2161. I see also he have many mutal friends, I trust this meets with your approval.

If this not acceptable to you I am sorry to have bothered you.




From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Fri, Mar 1, 2013

Dear Pete,

I have been over the limit of Friends on Facebook (5,000) at least twice. However, if you send me an email address to:, I’ll add you to my email list. Please also visit my web site: God bless you.

Your brother,