Lisa Messer – 6/27/2013 Tagged Post

“Ok, I am just going to say it….So the comment “Crazy ass white cracker” isn’t racist or a racist comment AND…. CAN make the news but ass is displayed as a**, but “white cracker” is spelled out AND the infamous word referring to blacks is ” the ‘n’ word”. White Cracker is ok, sure and according to George Jefferson, “Honkey” was perfectly Ok to say on TV and if I am not mistaken I have heard the lovely Al Sharpton refer to whites as “Peckerwoods”. That is just fine and dandy to say on TV as well as everyday conversation. But we refer to the racial slur for blacks as “THE N WORD” uuuuh, gasp. I only knew what a “Peckerwood” referred to because a black coworker once told me her father and uncle called “white people” that. Another thing! I am called a “WHITE person” and that is ok but I have to call black people “African American”? YES! I AM posting this. My friend Hk Edgerton, I am certain would agree with me.”