Belinda Derrick – 11/6/2014 Facebook Tag

One of the most honorable Southern Gentleman that is my pleasure to be acquainted with: Mr. Hk Edgerton. This much loved gentleman has walked all over the South and traveled thousands of miles wearing the uniform of a Confederate Soldier and carrying the Confederate Flag. (Based on the Christian Cross of St. Andrew – Jesus Christ’s first Apostle.) He educates peeps everyday from his website at Please read the letter posted with this picture to see what an upstanding gentleman it has been my pleasure to be acquainted with. Hk my Southern Brother sent prayers for my family and comforting words when my Mother was so ill. He understands the concept of Heritage Not Hate and he is spreading the word on that concept. I daresay if I had been present to see Mr. Hk Edgerton treated in this manner you would have watched a Southern Belle lose her composure and burn the ears of those who disrespected such a fine man!! DEO VINDICE!!!! (Always!!)