Maeve Magdalen – 1/14/2016 Comment, “Save Southern Heritage”

Pam Steele Yeah, so much for “innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers”. I think Hk Edgerton is the only one who publicly talks about
how what’s being done to that “baby boy” ain’t American. I mean, there’s apparently no reasonable doubt of his guilt as to murdering the Charleston Nine. But the way
the trial has been delayed to July – just in time for the National Conventions and the presidential contest. His attorneys said it was for investigation & etc. But so
much for “not muddying the well”. The press has hammered IN ALMOST EVERY STORY ACROSS THE COUNTRY how he did this and caused the questioning of the Flag – as though
such was inevitable, when it most certainly was not. It was JENNY HORNE who said our Flag murdered those people in that dog and pony show. Like I say to people, Roof
said he wanted to start a race war – and Nikki Haley and Jenny oughtta be indicted co-conspirators in that goal.