AUGUST 27, 2020

St. Augustine – Gen. Loring’s Grave Site and Memorial

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

The removal of the grave of General William Loring was nothing less than total desecration. And the action of the St. Augustine Police Department to prevent filming of this travesty was deplorable.

Yet even more deplorable is to hear that the family of the General accepted money from the University of Florida to go along with this travesty while many of us have literally put our lives on the line fighting against this evil.

It is now time for Fuchs to leave the South and go back to the land of Lincoln. Fuchs is no longer welcome in his position as President of the University of Florida. This University was not given the authority by the state to change the makeup of this memorial park, Loring Park, for the grave of Gen. Loring.

It is time for the city council of St. Augustine to dismiss its body as well; it no longer operates as an entity to serve the majority will or best interests of its citizens.

Neither are the actions of those who continue to commit genocide against the South welcome here. The people of the South have tired of the attacks upon the memorials and integrity of our people and their history, and their heritage.

There is no equal protection or rule of law for us. The time has come for us to protect ourselves once again, or we must accept the sacrilege and weak-kneed actions of those we have elected as they sell out our homeland, and arguably country amidst their modus operandi to be cowards and succumb to the domestic terrorists and their destruction of what’s left of our Republic and the Southland of America.

– HK Edgerton
Loyal Son of the South