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H.K. Edgerton’s March To Richmond

DAY 7: Tuesday May 25, 2004


Today was a most excellent day and a wonderful way to arrive in Richmond. The march began at the
DuPont Spruance Plant, a significant starting point considering DuPont’s blatant discrimination
against Confederate Southern Americans. Many folks turned out and marched with HK and Fred Taylor.
Along the march route today HK and Fred experienced a little hostility and were cussed by a few people
on the way to the capitol. They didn’t let that bother them though. A lot of black folks wished them
well along the way though.

When Fred and HK arrived at the capitol the guard at the gate would not allow HK and Fred to enter
the capitol grounds with the Confederate flag. HK called Kirk Lyons and Lyons conversed with the guard
and his supervisor. The guardsman relented and both entered with their flags and took pictures
everywhere! HK was very thankful for Kirk’s negotiation skills!

What is more interesting is that a freelance writer walked along the route today and captured all
of this, all the love and all the hate.

And finally, HK broke through the media blackout in Richmond! The Richmond Times Dispatch sent a
reporter out and he too was present during the capitol fiasco. HK also wanted me to extend glad
tidings to Pam Boliew in Louisiana for her college graduation and also to Ron Holland’s daughter as
she graduates from high school!

HK is not by any means leaving Richmond now that his march has concluded. He feels strongly that
the powers that be in Richmond are hell bent on removing all things Confederate and sweeping them
under the rug. HK WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. He maintains that things need to change in Richmond and is
intent on staying the course and doing what he can!

I want to give a special thanks to ALL of the SCV camps along the march route for extending their
hospitality to HK and fellow marchers. This march would not have been a success without you. Thanks
also to Grayson Jennings, Griff and Fred Taylor. Y’all organized things well and the march flowed VERY


DAY 5: Fridday May 21


Today started very early at 6:15 a.m. It was quite a lovely day for HK and Fred until they arrived
in Petersburg. There were a few street people that gave HK a hard time but he didn’t let it bother
him. The police officers of Petersburg were quick to offer assistance for HK and HK assured the
officers that everything was fine. HK said that the resistance in Petersburg was minor compared to all
the love that has been shown to him today.

HK is on the front page of the Petersburg Progress Index and Fred said that it was an excellent
story. Tomorrow he will be marching from Appomattox to the DuPont Spruance plant in Richmond so come
on out and march!


DAY 4: Thursday May 20

Today started early again today for HK. He said that it was a wonderful day and he was interviewed
by the Petersburg Newspaper and the reporter was very supportive. HK was very appreciative of Oliver
from the Old Brunswick Camp for following him today to insure his safety. HK said that many black
folks stopped to talk and wished him well. John and Ann Scarborough bought HK and Brigade Commander,
Grayson Jennings lunch. Then Mrs. Scarborough sent HK to her hairdresser for a haircut. HK thoroughly
enjoyed that! HK will start out early again tomorrow so come on out and march with him!


DAY 3: Wednesday May 19

HK and Fred did not get started this morning until 7:00 am but it certainly was a full day! Many
members from the Old Brunswick SCV camp came and march part of the way with HK and Fred. They made
their way through Edgerton and were interviewed by the Brunswick Times Gazette. The editor came out
and interviewed HK and he said she was a sweet lady.

Some real nice black folks came out and saw how thirsty HK and Fred were and brought some homemade
lemonade for them. Fred said they took a break for longer than they should have but they sure did
enjoy it. After this leisurely break, they decided to make up for it and march two miles further. Poor
Fred! He told me that he is now walking like a 100-year old man.

This evening HK will be attending the Old Brunswick SCV camp meeting.

Tomorrow HK will continue on Hwy. 1 through McKenney, Dewitt and on to Butterworth. Come on out and
show your support for HK!


DAY 2: Tuesday May 18

Today started out very early with Fred Taylor marching with HK the whole day again. HK said it was
a wonderful day with many people stopping to talk to HK. Many black and white folks wished HK well. HK
and Fred were stopped in the outskirts of Lawrenceville by about 10 black men with Rev. Thornhill
present. Rev. Thornhill and his friends tried to “fix” HK but HK said it would take him about 6-9
months to fix Rev. Thornhill. The chief of police and the assistant chief of police stopped and made
sure everything was okay between the group of men and HK assured the men that everything was fine.
Rev. Thornhill’s group of men were gentlemen, they just felt as strongly on their end as HK did on

Sylvia Allen from the South Hill Enterprise interviewed HK and was very nice.

HK and Fred Taylor will be attending the General James Longstreet SCV camp meeting in Richmond this
evening. Tomorrow morning HK will start out early from Lawrenceville towards Edgerton on Hwy. 58 north
through Smoky Ordinary, Porch Store and Warfield on Hwy. 1. Come on out and march with him!



Today was the start of a new march for HK. He launched this march from the Leach Monument in
Littleton, NC. HK chose to begin the march in Littleton to honor Confederate Private John Leach, a
pioneer in Southern race relations between white and black. His monument in Littleton, depicting a
black hand shaking a white hand, reads: This is what he meant – All men up! Erected by his Colored
Friends. HK was interviewed by three papers:

The Littleton Observer (HK was confused by this interview because the poor little reporter didn’t
seem to know a thing and was asking off the wall questions)

The Warren Record (HK said the reporter was a southern lady that was very polite)

The Lake Gaston Gazette (two very nice southern lady reporters.)

Many members from the New Brunswick SCV camp were there to see HK off and march about four miles
with HK and Fred Taylor. A very nice gentleman, Van Wright, assisted along the way as well.

HK stopped to take every opportunity to speak with folks that questioned what he was doing and why.
HK said that a yankee lady from New York bought him some lemonade and was convinced of his mission
after conversing with him. HK and Fred marched fifteen miles and finished the day around 3:00 in
Gasburg, VA.

HK Edgerton and Fred Taylor will be attending the AP Hill SCV camp meeting tonight. The day will
start much earlier tomorrow HK stated and he will march on to Hwy. 46 North to Lawrenceville.

HK encourages all those that can to come and march with him and to dig deep for contributions.


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