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Travelers Rest High School

On Wednesday October 19, 2005 after visiting with Scott Goldsmith
at his beautiful Dixie Out Post store; I traveled to Travelers
rest High School where I would adorn my confederate uniform and
set up a vigil across from the school where the Southern Cross
had been banned by the Principal. Today several of the students
black and white would bring me bottle water, as well one of the
parents who would also bring me water and some mighty fine homemade
ice tea. They would all express their support for my stance in
defense of the flag. I was especially impressed by the black Resource
Officer of the school and a young black man who lived only a stones
throw from the school. They both expressed a deep ,love for the
south and my right to take a stand for her flag and symbols. Several
of the black students would express to me that they felt they
were being use as pawns against the flag, and had nothing to do
with it. One of them told me that he had his friends mom buy a
Dixie OutFitter shirt with my picture on it because he was afraid
to go in the store himself. He said he framed the shirt on his