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Reflection / March Across Dixie
Anniversary Months

As we are now in the third anniversary
months of the Historic "March Across Dixie", I would
love to report that the our beloved South and her honorable people
had been vindicated from the distortions and outright lies told
by the conqueror of the events and causes that led up to her separation
from the Union. Unfortunately we find ourselves again in an era
synonymic to so called Reconstruction of the South.

Time after time our Southern babies continue find themselves caught
up in the academic reign of terror from those who purport to present
a scholarly synthesis. They are told to look in the mirror everyday
at the genes of their ancestors and see them with shame. It matters
not whether one is Red, Yellow, Black or White; just be Southern
and wear a badge of shame. It matters not the events of the Morril
Act, nor the original thirteenth Amendment, nor the shame of the
Fourteenth,nor the criminal acts of reconstruction, especially
those designed to separate Southern white and Black folks, nor
the voices of honorable men who sided with her when illegally
called upon to provide troops for Lincoln’s war::I have only to
say, that the militia of Virginia will not be furnished to the
powers at Washington for any such purpose as they have in view.
Your object is to subjugate the Southern states, and a requisition
made upon me for such an object- an object, in my judgment, not
within the purview of the Constitution or the Act of 1795-will
not be complied with. You have chosen to inaugurate civil war,
and having done so, we will meet in a spirit as determined as
the administration has exhibited toward the South. (Governor Letcher,

Your dispatch is received; and, if genuine, which its extraordinary
character leads me doubt, I have to say in reply, that I regard
the levy of troops made by the administration for the purpose
of subjugating the states of the South as in violation of the
Constitution, and a usurpation of power. I can be no party to
this wicked violation of the laws of the country, and to this
war upon the liberties of a free people. You can get no troops
from North Carolina.(Governor Ellis, North Carolina)

Your dispatch is received. I say emphatically that Kentucky will
furnish no troops for the wicked purpose of subduing her sister
Southern states. (Governor Magoffin, Kentucky)

Tennessee will not furnish a single man for coercion, but fifty
thousand, if necessary for the defense of our rights, or those
of our Southern brethren. (Governor Harris, Tennessee)

In answer to your requisition for troops from Arkansas, to subjugate
the Southern states, I have to say that none will be furnished.
The demand is only adding insult to injury. The people of this
commonwealth are freemen, not slaves, and will defend to the last
extremity their honor, lives, and property against Northern mendacity
and usurpation. (Governor Rector, Arkansas)

There can be, I apprehend, no doubt that these men are intended
to make war upon the seceded states. Your requisition, in my judgment,
is illegal, unconstitutional, revolutionary in its objects, inhuman
and diabolical, and cannot be complied with. Not one man will
the State of Missouri furnish to carry on such an unholy crusade.
(Governor Jackson, Missouri)

It saddens me to no end that so many people of an organization
that I once held an elected office in could allow themselves to
be led in a climate of hate for the African people . It matters
not that the evidence of true history clearly defines how as race
of people earned a place of honor here along side her white family
not only in the cotton fields, but also on the field of battle
; yet along with the white man she called master and family and
developed a bond of love for will not be left in peace as the
conqueror comes again.

We must stand fast in our vigilance as a Southern people, let
no one separate us with half truths and lies. The love and resolve
of the love we have for each other with the grace of God, I truly
believe will find us in a future period of vindication as Southern
people . We here on the "A Team" as we have become,
with the help of our Southern family will fight until the last
man is standing to make it so ! It matters not that we face some
of the most hostile courts in the land, it matters not that we
find ourselves standing before elected school boards fat in numbers
with citizens of Northern persuasion or with Southerners who have
been dumbed down with government school education that depicts
our ancestors as evil and treasonous, it matters not that the
poverty pimps fatten their coffers as they climb into bed with
those who hate all things Southern while our people suffer ; for
we are Southern !

God bless all those who supported March Across Dixie, and all
its Twenty Milers. Happy Anniversary !