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Friday November 5, 2005, I arrived in
Johnson City, Tennessee where I had lunch at the famous Dixie Barbecue
Restaurant with Travis and Mr…. Allan Howell the owner. After
feasting for far too long; I headed on to Maryville . I arrived
in Maryville only to find out that Captain Johnson who has to approve
the demonstration permit needed far me to sat up my vigil at the
traffic island at the intersection of Lamar Alexander Parkway and
Broadway Street had been out of town since Wednesday, and would
not return until Monday. My heartfelt thanks goes out to the Maryville
Police who allowed me to be there for the evening without it. Out
of respect far them I decided not to push the button by being there
on Saturday morning as had planned.

The ovation that I received from the people who passed or stopped
by to talk as I sat on the island with the Southern Cross flying
is just too difficult to put into words. I can only recount three
conversations that epitomizes the evening: (1) Mr….David Caldwell
the owner of Caldwell Fence Erection Company,Inc.— Mr…. Edgerton,
I am an alumni of Maryville High and like so many of us , we love
you for taking a stand for our school , our homeland, and children;
should you need anything while you are here in Maryville or need
another place to hold your vigil, call me or come and sit in front
of my company with your flag. (2) A Black man whose name I did not
get, but who appeared to be very successful by the appearance of
his brand new Lincoln— Thank you Mr…. Edgerton far making an
honorable stand; we’re on our way to see my Rebels play, referring
to the Maryville High Rebels football game that I too would go watch.
(3) A middle aged White lady who also came as I was talking to Mr….
Caldwell— Sir you have no idea just how much we love you here
in Maryville for what you are doing. I have faith that the Black
elders will work this out , and the truth in your message will filter
into the thinking processes of all.

I entered Maryville High’s stadium at 7;00PM, where I was greeted
by the staff and police with great affection. The applause from
the students and adult fans was deafening. The ovation from the
Maryville High School Marching Band was off the scale. I hugged
many of the members of the Band including the Band Director who
was a mighty fine young man. I had some of the students to pass
out several hundred of the SLRC thumbs up stickers, whooped and
hollered like a fourteen year old with my babies as Maryville took
on a 19 to 7 lead just prior to half time and made my exist from
the stadium as my babies and the fans shouted out my name. I could
have easily won an election as Mayor of Maryville on this night
by a landslide. May God bless this maligned school board who has
prompted an atmosphere of hate, instead of teaching all the children
truths about our Southern flag and the honorable men and women ,
both red, yellow, black and white who fought and died under her
for what they believed to be right against an invader who has come
again as he did after that great war to divide and separate us as
he gathers the plunder left behind from his early visitations.

Resources permitting I shall return to Maryville on Sunday morning
for church services.