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…Search out the truths of the Southern perspective of history

The Federal Government of the North won the War Between The States
, and created havoc upon the people it had defeated in one of the
most criminal wars ever raged against a helpless civilian population
. The epitome of their crimes was to set black and white southerners
against each other , and then write history depicting their white
Southern brothers as the most evil entity in the nation. They covered
up their crimes by teaching our nation to hate the honorable white
men and women of the South because they were after all the ones
who invented slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, bombings and any travails
that ever faced the black man in his attempts at social vertical
mobility in America.

Certainly no president since Andrew Johnson has come close to defending
the honor of the Southern people and her position on rightful sovereignty
of states. Most of the men who have occupied the White House after
this war have been satisfied to dodge this cold war issue and leave
the stew of hate burning by their continued side stepping of the
truths of a nation who found her glory by allowing a despot like
Lincoln to hold the elected leaders of this nation in a state of
fear while he instituted an unjust and criminal war , and to compound
these atrocities; use a supposedly liberated people as pawns in
their hateful scheme of revenge against a proud Southern people
to this very day.

Maryville, Tennessee so translates the workings of this governmental
plan to divide and separate . I can only implore the Black and White
folks of Maryville to search out the truths of the Southern perspective
of history, not the conjured up victor side. Never should one single
Southern Black take up sides with that man who came here against
our Southern White family . Never should one single Southern Red
take up sides with that man who came here against our Southern White
family. To do so would be to commit an act of treason that our ancestors
would never commit. It is not to continue the old animosity, but
to be paid for all the wrongs perpetrated against us both fiscally
and physically. Southern people have a keen sense of doing the right
thing. Return our honor and we will forge forward into the future
with you in love. This continued rhetoric and modus operandi to
shame the memory of our people by teaching our children to remember
our ancestors with shame is unacceptable. Those who come here to
our homeland and occupy our school boards and attack us with the
same vennom of your ancestors, presume to assume that those here
that you drag in shame with you will prevail; you under estimate
the resolve of Southern people and the love they have for each other
and their homeland. That resolve and love is so apparent in Maryville
to me as I have sat with the Southern Cross on its’ busiest street,
walked down its’ major highway, confabulated with its’ citizens.
Blount County and Maryville City School Boards could do themselves
proud if they would take a page out of the book of Ohio County Ketucky
School Board ; instead of reacting to political correctness, teach
these children some real sensitivity training and history in their
schools, not the one sided distorted version that will always keep
us divided . This attempt to make our Black citizens across the
South feel that they have some kind of social victory against that
Southern White man who is responsible for all their social ills
by attacking the Christian Cross of St. Andrew will only awake a
sleeping giant who is more black than you think. Hollywood may never
tell our children about the likes of Holt Collier, Levi Carnine,
Napoleon Windbush, Rev.Mack Lee, John Edgerton or Ben Johnson .
Yet these Black men adorned the uniforms of the Confederacy like
many of their kin and earned a placed of honor in the most courageous
and gallant army in history. As well their families stayed at home,
made the impliments of war, provided food stuffs for the army, protected
their black and white families while the many other men were away.
They were in Southern terms family. To continue the Reconstruction
lie that there was nothing but hate between Black and White folks
in the South is not what was , only what was attempted to be created
then and now.

HK Edgerton