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HERITAGE ATTACK in Palm Beach County,Fla.-14thBrigResponse

Dear Commander Powell,
I applaud your attempts to inform the media there in Palm Beach
of some of the many of those of us who just happen to live in black
skin who are very supportive of our southland. Had they really wanted
to seek real truths we would have gladly helped them. I am so very
afraid that the media , politicians , and commerce thieves have
an agenda of cultural cleansing in the southland. I just hope that
loyal southerners don’t fall prey to the same kind of tactics
that was used against our people doing the period of so called reconstruction.
Please understand that if my journeys marching across the south
taught me anything ; it is that the majority of blacks that I encountered
have a greater appreciation and love for our south than people of
the media will dare to record; they told me so! My little brother
Terry Lee documented my long journey to Austin, but Oprah, nor any
of the so call major talk show host wanted to know how a black man
carrying the confederate flag, wearing a confederate uniform, could
walk the same highway that
folks like Dr. Martin Luther King and Joseph Lowery, could be so
well received .

I believe that there is an hidden agenda for America that does not
include constitutional legality. We are in the same realm of civil
disobedience that we found ourselves in here in the south as we
did in 1861. White and Black folks in the south had better come
to the realization that we are family, and there are those who will
do any and everything to keep us apart.

Your Brother,