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Thank You!

From: Bonnie Hollingsworth

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

I just wanted to say a profound "THANK YOU" for all that you do for
all of
us, or at least those of us who will listen and learn. I once spoke to you
in Asheville, NC near where they were building on to the hospital, and found
you to be truly a great American! I wish to tell you a story, and I will
make it as brief as possible.

I was born in the back woods of Georgia. Never had a problem with ANY race,
and was proud of the fact that I was "southern". I have always had
friends. My children tell fond tales of when I would go to Kate and Sun
Brown’s house (black people) to spend the day with them, and my children and
their little grandchildren played in the dirt together while Kate and I
would shell peas. One day, I noticed that Kate kept looking at the tag on
the front of my truck. It was a Confederate flag.

I finally mentioned it, while we were sitting under a tree doing quilt
squares, and asked if it bothered her. She said "Lord, no, I LIKE looking
that flag." I asked her why? She said that flag was as much a part of HER
history as it was mine, and that it reminded her of how far they had come in
this nation. She said she felt lucky to be here, instead of back in Africa
where there was so much struggle, meaness, and illness going ’round! KATE
was the one who first told me that most black people didn’t want to admit
it, but there was a lot of black slave owners, too! I was shocked! I have
since researched it, and she was right. Also, there were many fine black men
who fought on the side of the Confederacy. Kate opened my eyes to kindness,
understanding of our history, and , unfortunately, the hypocrisy about it by
both the whites and the blacks. I have always been thankful for my
friendship with Kate and Sun, and the many lessons both my children and I
learned in the sunshine of that friendship.

I only wish I had the financial means to help you with your struggle to make
people truly understand their history! I am disabled, live on a small
income, and have no extra money. However, you are in my prayers. I pray for
God to hold you and your family in His loving hands, and provide for your
needs. Thanks again. You are a true American Heroe!