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Thank You!

From: Judi Price

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

We just read the letter to you from our dear friend Bonnie Hollingsworth,
and wanted to add our thanks to you also. We met you as you were
entering Westminister, South Carolina on your march. Please add
our profound thanks for all you do and we will see you hopefully
again in this area soon.

Our parents were from the upstate of South Carolina. We were taught
that all God’s children should be our friends. When we were children,
the only people who lived close enough to play with on a daily basis
were black. To this day as we told you when we met you, some of
our dearest friends are black. (Mom was with us the day we met you
in Westminster, which by-the-way, was her hometown.)

My mother who will be 96 on May 18th, has some geneology that might
interest you. Mom’s paternal grandmother was Caroline Kezia Rachel
Lee, the Sister of Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee and cousin of General
Robert E. Lee. Mom’s father was named Stephen Dill Lee Hunter (His
father was Capt. Sam Hunter) for his mother’s only full brother.
Mom is the only one of Stephen Dill Lee Hunter and Julia Gordon
Massey Hunter’s children still living. As you may know, Stephen
D. Lee had only one son, Bluette Lee, who lived in Atlanta. Mom
visited him there in the late 40’s or early 50’s. His "new"
wife was quite a put on and had her son act as Butler, etc. Bluette
was nice as could be and showed Mom his portrait gallery. Bluette
had no children so Mom is the closest living relative to Stephen
D. Lee. Mom’s homeplace burned in 1929 and the Lee silver, letters
from Robert E. to his cousin Carrie, etc were burned. However, we
do have copies of letters sent from Stephen D. Lee to "my dear
nephew and namesake" (my grandfather Stephen D. Lee Hunter)

Like Bonnie, we are on a fixed income and though we would dearly
love to send you the financial where withall to continue your most
worthy contribution to the betterment of all citizens of the United
States, we just are not financially able to do so. However, ever
since we read of your march, and saw you on the road several times,
and kept up with you and your travels, you have been in our prayers
and will continue to do so. May God richly bless you and yours is
our fervent prayer for you for the New Year. And again THANK YOU
so very much for all you do for the betterment of us all.

P.S. I am ashamed to put the above address on considering how
these "educated far beyond their intelligence" people
around here treated you when you came through, but as I told you
when we met you later, not everyone feels the way those stupid
"carpetbaggers" do. ( Judi definition of a "carpetbagger":
A Yankee who came down here trying to change the South into what
the North was when he left it, which is why he left it in the
first place.) As I told you, we have a log house we hope to move
into soon. Right now we have a sick horse and must tend to her
needs before building a pasture to put her in so we can move.