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Duty Case

To: ‘John M Brown’

—–Original Message—–
From: John M Brown
Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 8:11 PM
Subject: Duty Case

Dear HK,
I read with interest your posting on the Charles Demastus sight.

I assume you are the HK as in H. K. Edgarton. If so, may I say,
sir, what an inspiration you are to our cause! You have acted
honorably and
courageously, and how I would love to have been with you in one
of your
walks with the flag. And I would love to have the opportunity
to meet you

I am the minister in Flatwoods who first put the Duty family
touch with the SCV. I heard about what had happened at the school
prom, I
contacted the Duty family, asked them if they knew of the SCV
(which they
didn’t), and then gave them literature and put them and Don Shelton
in touch
with each other (a story about this was in our local paper yesterday).

Anyway, count on me to do what I can for the furtherance of our
great cause.


John M. Brown

Dear Pastor John,

The honor is all mine Sir. I have not met Ms Duty, but I am extremely
of her stand. My mom always said that God works in mysterious ways.
I hope
that the Duty Case will open up the Pandora’s Box that will lead
once and
far all to the Vindication of the Southland of America. I was amazed
the Attorney for the School District would ask me questions which
surely open up cross examination the North cannot and does not want
happen. This trial should be about Ms Duty’s 1st Amendment Rights;
it has the flavor of the continual historical indictment of the
South as the
sole purveyors of the economic institution of slavery. I still am
that so many feel it strange to learn for the first time in their
about the loyalty and love that existed between the man who called
Master and the man who was his Slave.

Vindication comes for this Black man through Duty because historical
distortions paint him as a turn coat during the period of so called
reconstruction; while never mentioning the kinds of terror wreaked
upon him
to extract his loyalties to his new master; the Northern White
man. The
twelve years of terror and criminal actions geared to separate
Southerners from their White Southern family after Blacks had
earned a place
of honor and dignity under the Southern Cross will come out now
at the
trial. Our Southern Black babies will finally learn of their ownership
our great Flag. After Duty, little White babies and Black babies
celebrate together Black History Month and Confederate Memorial
Day with the
same vigor because they both shall know the names of Holt Collier,
Carnine, Rev. Mack Lee, Napoleon Windbush, Neptune Small, and
the many other
Black Confederates like my Grandmama Hattie who sent her sons
off to war
with their White Southern family in defense of their homeland
that had been
invaded. I only hope that I spoke well enough in my deposition
testimony on
behalf of the 2 and on half million Southern Bondsmen, Bondswomen,
and Freedwomen who from 1861 to 1865 loyally served and supported
Confederate cause, in however humble and noble a capacity. Most
the bond of love and affection between Black and White that transcended
institution of slavery and is so incomprehensible to people up
North; thanks
to you and Ms Duty it is now part of the evidence. The Historical
Across Dixie Documentary which we hope to air in Kentucky after
its debut in
Maryville, Tennessee, along With the pictorial footage of the
journey will
shoot holes in the lies about Blacks in the South being offended
by their
very own flag and symbols. If I were as smart as I believe their
Counsel is, I’d not want to be the Attorney for the Northern biased
that led to the total Vindication of the South. This would lead
to much to
much retribution, fiscal and historical. I’d ask the Russell School
to settle. I hope they refuse.

Your brother,