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Fund Raising

Dear Madam President Cope,
I write to you for several reasons. In my capacity as Chairman Of
The Board Of Advisors of the Southern Legal Resource Center, I have
been called upon from time to time to serve as an expert witness
in heritage violation cases. On one such occasion to take place
soon, our Chief Trial Counselor: the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons asked
that I read a copy of a book written by the opposing expert witness:
John M. Coski. Mr.. Coski in his book "The Confederate Battle
Flag", defines my babies in the Children Of The Confederacy
as basically a non entity organization , mostly ceremonious , founded
under the guise of the United Daughters Of The Confederacy. I don’t
like that description.

In 2004 we held a children of the South March in Richmond, VA…
At that time I called the President of the Children, and asked if
they would help us by participating in that march. Unfortunately
at that time I didn’t know that I should have first come to you.
Most of the cases that we handle here at the SLRC involved school
kids. These babies, my babies are clones of their Southern ancestors;
brave, courageous, and now stand to fight an injustice as severe
against them as the one that our ancestors fought in 61.

It breaks my heart that far too many times they don’t have the resources
to adequately fight this injustice legally, and too many people
look at us and believe that because we are a non-profit law firm,
that we have the resources to do it far them; we don’t ! In October
of 2002, I took a march to Texas to raise money to help my babies
fight this wrong. If my body was up to it, I’d do it again in a
heart beat. Unfortunately at this time, because of a bad back, I

I write to you because I have asked the SCV leadership and here
at the SLRC, if it would be proper to get the CDC involved in a
national fund raiser to help us raise funds for heritage defense.
They all seem to think that the UDC would not be receptive to this.
I think it would be grand for not only fund raising , but also for
recruitment for the CDC. It would certainly put a hole in MR..Coski’s
rhetoric. Anyone present just recently at the Maryville and Blount
County High School football games in Maryville, Tennessee where
our Southern Cross has been banned by the respective school boards,witnessing
the ovation I received from my babies when I entered the stands
dressed in my Confederate uniform with the battle flag held high
to the night sky, would know that the love they display warrants
all the help we can muster for their honorable stand !

Please help us !

Your Humble Servant,
HK Edgerton