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Stonewall Street, Charlotte, N.C.

While taping a television program produced by noted Southern Historian
Author Howard Ray White in Charlotte, N.C. yesterday, January 10,
2006, I was informed by the studio staff that the City Council led
by it’s Northern born Mayor and Northern born Councilman James Mitchell
were holding a public hearing geared towards renaming Stonewall
Street to Martin Luther King Jr.. Clearly the illegal action of
removing the flag and pole over the graves of the Confederate dead
was not enough for this council that has launched an all out attack
on all things Southern in the City of Charlotte. I do believe that
King would not have been so receptive to what this Northern led
Reconstructionist Council is doing in his name. To continue on the
road of using Black folks to legitimize these efforts is synonymous
to Carpetbag tactics after the War that depict all Southern Blacks
as disloyal and traitors to their Southland, the divide continues.
I heard the decry of the Black Minister whose Church is in the same
Ward as Elmwood Cemetery; it was to leave the Confederate battle
flag alone !

As if perpetrating this dishonor on the Jackson and Morrison family
is not bad enough; to produce an atmosphere that lays the blame
for these traitorous actions on the shoulders of all the Black folks
in the City of Charlotte is appalling. I wonder just what the ancestors
of the Black folk who sat at in the pews on Sunday mornings for
Bible School, as the Honorable General Stonewall Jackson taught
them of their Lord and Master Jesus Christ.It does not take a Rocket
Scientist to understand that unwitting Southern black folk who just
want to live and let live are being used again; and just as during
Reconstruction, they will be left behind to pay for the hate orchestrated
by the Poverty Pimps and their Carpet Bag Agents.