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Kentucky/ Duty/March Across Dixie/ Open Letter

The March Across Dixie Documentary is now scheduled to begin airing
in Maryville, TN on January 17, 2006 thru January 19, 2006. We are
very optimistic that this footage will aid in our Heritage battle,
at the very least it will put a different spin on the historical
lies that have been put forward on the Southern people and their
honorable past and presence. This footage is also planned to be
aired in Ashland Kentucky home of the Jacqueline Duty case. The
footage and pictorial documentation is a part of the expert witness
material evidence. Our only dilemma is again I will have to go out
and raise funds to make it happen. There is a saying around here
that one must take a pledge of poverty to be in this fight because
help is hard to find, but I want to thank the seven individuals,
DixieOutfitter, Tennessee Division three SCV Camps from South Carolina
and Virginia, the Southern Heritage News & Views and the Dixie
Daily News, who helped to make it possible for me to personally
fight in Tennessee. God Bless you all .