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Loyalty/ Sanford, N. C./ Open Letter

As of yet I have not been privy to the comments supposedly made
by a Black Official at a school house in Sanford N.C.. However based
on second hand information, I shall attempt to respond to the gist
of that commentary. Nobody knows for sure just who ran the Confederate
Battle Flag up the flag pole on the school yard ground. Finding
it gloriously flying there, this Black official is reported to exclaim
an interpretation of hate targeted to Black folks. Loyalty is defined
as a faithful allegiance. Had this Black man been a loyal Southerner,he
would have reconciled that either a young White, or Black student
had tired of hearing all the lies , historical distortions , and
unheralded attacks upon his ancestors and the glorious part that
they played in the defense of our homeland. Had he been a loyal
Southerner, he would have called all the students around the flag
pole and informed them that yes children this is our Southern Cross,
but in this political climate, we should not run our flag up this
government school pole, and just maybe we should all go inside and
talk about our flag. Had he been a loyal Southerner, he just might
have called the local chapter of the Sons or Daughters of the Confederacy
over to his school to participate in that dialogue. The real hate
is not from the person who ran the flag up the pole ; it is the
comments of a person who has no knowledge of the millions of Black
Sons and Daughters of those Black Confederate Soldiers and Black
civilians who fought , died, made the implements of war ,provided
the foodstuffs, stayed home and protected their White and Black
families , served loyally and earned a place of honor and dignity
under the Christian Cross of St.Andrew, just like his or her White

As a politically correct administrator , his actions and those of
the poverty pimps who continue this Reconstruction policy of lies
and divide by making traitors of our children in the Southland both
Red, Black and White by their continued actions should be met in
every venue with resistance. The only difference between myself
and the person who ran the flag up the pole is that when the Administrator
came I would have been standing there very proud.