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Dear Commander Butler,
I want to express my heart felt thanks to you and all the men of
the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the
unprecedented support that you have given personally to me in my
efforts to bring vindication to our Southland in the Great State
of Tennessee, and our Southern Homeland. I can truly say Sir, if
I could garner half the support , no, not half ,one sixteenth of
the support and trust , you , your men and the Honorable Citizens
of Tennessee have given; this Cold War that we fight against the
Brothers of our Nation would finally come to an end.

I have been in just about every venue,hamlet, and crossroad imaginable
in this country trying to undue what the historical hussar writers
have done to the image of the honorable men and women of the South
who gave so much to the building of this great nation , and whose
ancestors now find themselves in a a quagmire as great as the one
they faced with the introduction of slavery and eventually a war
that was no putsch on their part.

The singling out and debasing of the men and women of the Southland
of America for the economic institution of slavery has been a lie
carried forth by the North far too long to cover up the pernicious
atrocities of war and its complicity in the world wide slave trade,
and ironically the easiest obstacle for me to challenge on this
journey that I believe in my heart God has undertaken for me. I
have read the letters of many, many Southern families of this epoch,
heard the untold stories of their love for a man they called slave
, and the place of honor and dignity which that slave earned under
their Christian banner soilured in a cess pool of lies as they continue
the reconstruction modus operandi of divide,distorted education,
and self grandiloquence . I am not defending the institution of
slavery , but I am so very thankful that as my Great Grandmother
Hattie Edgerton stood trembling on the shores of Africa in 1888
after having her village raided by her own countrymen while African
Kings like Gele drank the blood from her brothers young head ; she
would find her way to the Christian home of the Honorable DR.T.R.Edgerton
in Rutherford County, North Carolina where she and her progeny like
her son John who went to the war to assist Dr.Edgerton; would earn
a place of honor and dignity while leaving behind for me a legacy
of honor for our homeland; the Southland of America.