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Jewish Monument at Hollywood Cemetery

Dear Grif,
I can’t begin to express my delight at your continued effort to
make the Monument to the Hebrew Confederate Solider come to fruition.
It is highly commendable of the Jewish community to be supportive
of their honorable Confederate Heritage and ancestry. It is a huge
step forward for the Red, Black , and White loyal Southern Americans
who want no more than anyone else but to embrace their First Amendment
Rights, provided them by the Constitution ; what better way than
by honoring ones ancestors.

America and it’s President continue to talk about Democracy , Human,
and Civil Rights around the world; yet she will not heal the evil
set upon the Brave, Courageous, Patriotic, God Fearing, God Loving,
Judeo-Christian White people of the South and her Allies who just
happen to be that African he called family, and that Red Man he
called friend. Could a man who put the most ink on the Constitution
be so wrong about the legal adherence to it. There are those who
will always point to the economic institution of slavery, but not
truly define the body politic. In that institution , that African
was on a path of social vertical mobility with the resources to
make it so ; the envy of the entire civilized world. Under the tutelage
of that White man trained cadre of Africans could do everything
imaginable, and he found God. Not only was the Industrial Revolution
coming; that Southern White Man and his African were financing the
charge for real freedom. One based on the premise that any semblance
of equality in the body politic, certainly meant that one must have
a means to acquire food , clothing , and shelter. So when that White
Man set one of his family free; he provided him with land and a
knowledge of how to cultivate it, money to buy the things necessary
to sustain himself, a house to live in for his shelter, and in many
cases, slaves to help him work the place with a high sense of moral
responsibility for the protection, safety, and well being of those
slaves.Judeo Christian Southerners for far too long have let the
word Slavery evoke thoughts of nothing but evil Southern doings.
Yet as I see it that Southern White Man and the man who was called
his Slave were on a path that Jesus defined as love, and civilized
man defined as upward social vertical mobility, until greed, extremism,
criminal and ungodly thought crossed her borders from the North,
thereby derailing that path.

I am proud that the Jewish community has chosen to honor her ancestors.
It is too bad that the Commonwealth of Virginia will not allow Confederate
History Month. It would be a time for all of our Southern family
there to learn of a noble past, and the rest of the Nation to restitute
a terrible wrong.

From: griff []
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 7:12 PM
Subject: Jewish Monument at Hollywood Cemetery

Dear HK,
I read every word of every e-mail you send.

The Monument to Hebrew Confederate Soldiers continues to go forward.
A letter has been submitted to Board of Directors, Hollywood Cemetery
for approval to place the monument. I continure to believe this
monument can be a powerful influence. It will be the only one
of its kind in the world. The Confederate Military section at
Hebrew Cemetery here in Richmond is the only Hebrew military burial
ground outside of the State of Israel in the entire world.

Also, progress continues with research findings associated with
the Confederate Stage – the Confederate Theatre at 7th and Broad
Street. A second monument will honor those soldiers and citizens
associated with Confederate Theatre.

It all seems reasonable since we were given the theatre granite
that dates back to 1818 and Booth’s father, son John W. Booth
and other son Edwin Booth – all acted in the theatre and walked
on the very granite.

Events in the world continue to escalate becoming more dangerous
by the day. I am concerned with your living conditions.

I was asked to be a contributing member of the Temple Beth Ahabah
Museum on Franklin Street to assist and advise with their military
museum presentations showing Jewish men and women in all American
Wars. A National Jewish War Veteran convention will be held in
Richmond during Aug.or Sept. this year. They have communicated
with me and know of the Jewish Confederate Monument we plan for
Hollywood Cemetery. Jews from over the country will stand before
it and honor the Confederate Soldiers that defended the South.

I worry for you.

Best wishes,

42 coins on the floor by the bed. 20 quarters, 3 nickels, 11
pennies, 8 dimes

also, I found Confederate actress Sallie Partington’s family relative
living in Florida. Here name is Gail. Her family line comes from
Sallie’s sister Jennie. We couldn’t find where Jennie was buried,
no one knew. I spoke with Gail over the telephone one night and
Gail wrote in her family book that night, " where is Jennie."
The next day I went to the Sallie Partington family site at Hollywood
where I had been 100 times. I remember thinking, where is Jennie
? Standing there alone I looked down at my feet ……………….
it measured six inches by 12 inches by 1 inch thick. The marble
reads –


It had never been there before – no one had ever seen it.
Jennie is buried on top of their mother Martha. I called Gail
and told her she found her great, great, grand mother. It continues
to happen.