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An Open Letter Of Thanks

Dear Compatriots,
While I was unable to raise the funds necessary to air the Historic
March Across Dixie Documentary as planned in the Great State of
Kentucky , because of your generosity I was able to move about this
month at a pace likened to the journey to Texas, carrying a different
tale than that told by those who hate all things Southern ; and
for that I thank each and every one of you for your donations.

I wish that all of you could have been with me on one such occasion
yesterday, when I spoke to a group of some of the most courteous
and undoubtedly brave young Southern men on God’s earth. I could
not help but marvel at their attentiveness as they and the Staff
of Miracle Hills Boy Shelter, of whom were overwhelmingly Black,
with the the exception of their gracious and loving teacher ; soaked
in the message I delivered of the two way street of love, loyalty,
and honor our Southern family bestowed upon each other during a
time when the very nature of our humanity , association and closeness
with God was under scrutiny of the entire civilized world. These
babies would surmise as I have ; if the South had been left alone
, she just possibly was headed down a road that might have been
a glowing example of the kind of love that Jesus spoke about.