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An Open letter To Ms Lunelle; What Shall I Tell Ms Esther’s Children?

Dear Ms Lunelle,
God bless you, for you are truly a Saint. However, what shall I
tell Ms Esther’s children ? Shall I tell them that I believe Black
History Month to be nothing but a vestige so distorted that it clearly
becomes a lie. Shall I tell Ms Esther’s children that no part of
Black or American History can be complete until the names of Levi
Carnine, Holt Collier, Napoleon Nelson, Reverend Mack Lee, the men
from Charleston County; Jim Allston, Cato L.Drayton,Issac Drayton,
Run Adams, and Starling Owens from my Moms own Anderson County,
who wore the black skin that God gave them and the Confederate Gray
;while they and their families left behind performed great and noble
deeds for their homeland;" the Southland of America."

Dear Ms Lunelle, do I tell my babies that God in his infinite wisdom
, allowed a people, one called Master and the other slave; to come
together in the cotton, bean, tobacco and corn fields in the Southland
of America, touting and espousing his Judeo-Christian principals;
while feeding, clothing, and contributing to the building of the
entire civilized world. Furthermore, shall I tell them that in lieu
of the economic institution of slavery, here in the Southland of
America, Black folks and White folks together faced many hardships,
trials, tribulations; found a love for each other that no matter
the horrors that were wreaked upon us by a victor whose national
policy was to divide and separate us; has stood the test of time;
yet is in jeopardy to end here in the 21st century ,as all of us
who call ourselves Southern are forced by a public school system,
gutless politicians, and an unknowing public to abandon our symbols,
heritage, and honor so that the progeny of the victor can continue
to enjoy the spoils of his illegal plunder and pillage of our South.
Shall I tell Ms Esther’s children that then as now; had we been
left alone, God would have been proud of these Southern people who
called themselves Family, and so would have the rest of the Nation.

Your Brother,