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Jacqueline Duty/An Open Letter

There will be many who may want to pat themselves on the back for
the victory in the Jacqueline Duty Case. I will personally start
by patting on the back Rev. Johnny Mack who was smart enough to
send Ms Duty to the Honorable Commander Don Sheldon of the Kentucky
Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who in turn was smart
enough to turn to two of the smartest lawyers in the country; Kirk
D. Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center, and the Honorable
Attorney Earl Ray Neal. However, after spending more than 14 hours
in pre-deposition and deposition hearings giving testimony, and
correctly predicting that in all likelihood this case would not
go to trial because; 1. the Pandora’s box had been opened, the one
that would finally vindicate the South because of the content of
the information which would be subject to cross examination from
Earl Ray and Kirk D., and 2.more than any other reason," Ms
Duty got the help of her Black family , past and present."

Money plays an important part in everything that happens in this
venue, but if one fails to realize, or can’t get past prejudice
or pomposity and come to the realization as General Patrick Cleburne
did when he exclaimed; do not let those Yankees come here to the
South and take our Black family and use them against us; with their
help we can win. Earl Ray Neal and Kirk D. Lyons fully understood
this in Duty and won !