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Wonderful Speech

Hello Mr. Edgerton,

I want to thank you for delivering that wonderful speech to the Florida SCV Reunion.

Terry Lee and I were talking after the banquet, and I told him I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As you know I am a Chicagoan and grew up in the Chicago school system in the 60’s and 70’s. I
learned all that Yankee rubbish.

It is clear to me what the truth is!

People asked if I minded the truth you spoke about. As far as I am concerned, the truth doesn’t
hurt, but lies do. What you delivered was the “truth!”

We need to keep educating the populous about that truth you delivered last night.

The real segregation and hate and non-compassion dwells in towns like my hometown. Though I love
Chicago, I don’t like what I see. In the 1970’s there was this school busing issue. As, they preach
diversity up there, but they really didn’t mean to “actually” have it.

Though I have only traveled Florida giving speeches to many SCV Camps, UDC Chapters, Heritage and
Historical Societies, everyone sees me in my Yankee uniform talking about Southern Heritage and my
book on Confederate Cavalry Captain Melton Haynes. When people see me preaching on behalf of my
Southern friends, that blue uniform prompts people to ask “why.” Asking “why” opens the door for me
to open people’s minds.

Continue delivering that truth Mr. Edgerton, and I will stand with you and help!