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Blue Crab Festival in Palatka Fl.

Men of the camp and friends,

Here is the report from the Blue crab Festival in Palatka Fl.on
5/29/06. The Florida division was well represented on this wonderful
day. HK and Terry Lee had a fit along with us. Well when it was
all said and done we did more to honor our veterans and bring
folks together than any one could have ever imagined. Why the
mayor himself came over and greeted us with a big smile and wished
us well. The people on the streets clapped and cheered us on.
I wish all of you could have been with us it was a sight to see.
HK was on his A game Terry Lee was keeping the beat on his drum
and away we went marching into history.

After the march we went back to the storefront (our home base)
and we sang to the people the SCV tribal song. Folks from every
where came around to sing with us then we finished off with Dixie.
It was truly an awesome day you could feel the hand of God move
with us. Thank you HK, Thank you Terry Lee and Thank you to all
who were able to come out and share in this with us.

Please see the picture this was when we started on the march,
and a special thanks to Todd Thompson for falling back and keeping
the fire trucks off us. They tried to blast their horns so no
one could hear us, we turned it on them, Todd kept them way back