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A Letter From General Longstreet

From: General James Longstreet []
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 6:30 AM


After all I had hear and read about you I realized this past weekend
that the information was inaccurate that I had heard and read. People
cannot accurately put into words what GOOD you are truly doing to
preserve the history and heritage of this country. You are correcting
a multitude of errors in the history of the country that people
are now only beginning to see and acknowledge through your work
and efforts.

Currently with our organization (Lee’s Lieutenants Headquarters
Army of Northern Virginia) we have Kathy Pence doing research on
the Black Confederate Soldier. She is currently searching the Confederate
pension records and correlating that to the census records to find
as many Black Confederate Soldiers as she can in Virginia. My goal
is to place this information on our website
along with its sources for all who visit our site to view and understand
the truth that Blacks also fought for the Confederacy and played
a major role in the war for the Southern cause.

As I mentioned at Dixie Days, I am willing to travel to help promote
your efforts. If there is a time when you wish to have General James
Longstreet present with you and I can work it out with work and
prior commitments I shall be there in any capacity you desire.

Your faithful servant,
James Longstreet
General CSA

A.K.A. Jay Vogel