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Juneteenth / Palatka, Florida / An Open Letter

Dear Ms Lunelle,

From the bottom of my heart on behalf of myself, Terry Lee, Ms Ruby
Singleton who was in charge of the Juneteenth activities in Palatka,
Florida ; we all thank you Mr.. Mark Schonbrun of Tampa and Mr..
H.A.Wall,JR.of Durham, N.C. for aiding us in being present, although
we didn’t arrive in the city until 7:PM on Saturday . Terry Lee
and I were not able to be there in time for the parade and earlier
activities, we celebrated the evening with the children and community
for the remaining of the evening. I later adorned in my Confederate
uniform spent approximately one hour and a half at the foot of the
bridge with my glorious flag blowing in the night time breeze.

On Sunday morning I again adorned my uniform and picked up my glorious
banner as we attended the Juneteenth church services on the board
walk with the community which included visitors from all across
the state and other far away points. I must point out that one of
the sisters of the black church that was presenting the church services
asked me to furl my flag. After much dialogue, she found out that
nothing she had to say was going to make that happen ; including
her appeal to Ms. Ruby who in no uncertain terms told her that if
she could convince me to furl it , it would be fine, however, not
to make it an issue because the flag belonged there as much as any
artifact present, and so did I. The young lady sat beside me with
her family during the entire service which was preached by her mother,
the pastor, who gave me Terry Lee and I a most gracious reception,
and I must say later on became one of my best new found friends.
Terry Lee even aided the congregations musicians with his masterful
renditions on the African drums.

Ms Ruby expressed some disappointment that the Sons of Confederate
Veterans did not participate in the parade on Saturday. She said
that she had also asked them to come and speak to the gathered participants
also. In the defense of the Sons; I spoke to Commander Davis who
said that there had not been sufficient time to respond to any of
the request , but that if I would gather enough information on the
proceedings and contact information with Ms Ruby; the Sons would
help with the event in 07. I was some what disappointed that the
NAACP, and Palatka Newspaper did not show up on Saturday evening
or Sunday morning, especially after the trashing they levied upon
the Southern Legal Resource Center, myself and the Honorable Kirk
D. Lyons. However, I am told that they had been present for the
morning parade. Ms Ruby should be given a huge hug from all our
Southern family for the stand she made in Palatka. Her understanding
that truths have not been told about the history of the honorable
people of the South and the courageous stand that they made together
in the defense of our homeland, no matter that one was called slave
and the other master. I also want to thank my little brother for
emptying out his personal coffers to also aid in this most important
journey and all the sacrifices made as I have worked on killing
his car as I have killed another of mine; for my van now sits with
the mechanic needing a new head gasket. That’s my hint to all my
Southern family to reach again in their pockets to help all of us
around here as we forge forward to vindicate our people and Southern

Your Brother,