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An Open Report

Just prior to the SLRC’s move to it’s new location, I was in the
process of presenting a report on the activities of the month of
June. It is important to note that I received a long over due phone
call from the Southern Poverty Law Center per my request after learning
that one of their staff members who just happen to be Black had
been sneaking around trying to find out what I had said in a press
conference during Dixie Days in Mechanicsville, VA.. I informed
him that if his organization wanted to know what I said; then all
he had to do was to ask me. He made a claim that he would call me
back in five minutes; he never did. I suppose it was because I told
him that as I was marching to Texas that we had stopped outside
their facility and asked Morris Dee’s or anyone on their staff to
come out and face us. However, just like he did on the campus of
Western Carolina, he turned tail and ran, while printing his lies
about the South and our organization from a safe place he could

It is important to note that while we were celebrating Dixie Days,
the most important event for me was entering the Boy Scouts encampment
and sticking my foot in my mouth by jumping the Scouts for not taking
a stand against those who would take the name of the Honorable Marse
Lee from their Council. They not only gave me a lecture as they
began one by one showing me their patches which bore the Generals
name, but also presented Grayson Jennings of the Fire Eaters Camp
of the Sons of Confederate Veterans with a donation check to help
cover the cost of the event while Terry Lee, myself and the Scouts
sang Dixie.

It also is important to note our journey to Palatka, Florida for
Juneteenth where at the end of this year I shall began a march from
the Dixie OutFitter Store to Tallahassee in support of the Confederate
license plates. Contrary to all that the NAACP President’s comments
in the Palatka Newspaper ; Terry Lee, myself and the Sons were treated
with a great deal of respect and honor from all the citizens we
encountered. I just wish that the NAACP President hadn’t turn tail
and hid like Dee’s while we were there. I had looked very much forward
to having an open dialogue with him.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Hanity and Colmes never followed
up on the proposed interview that they had requested with me about
the journey I made to Latta, S.C. in support of my baby girl; Candice
Hardwick. I suppose that they got wind of my jumping the Gullah
News for printing the racist conations they did over the AP caption
story of that visit , and figured it wasn’t safe to follow that
trail. However, I shall try to be more like Jesus and give that
paper some love because after all if I’m to represent what a Black
Confederate would have spoken; he would have articulated the difficult
English language just as the Gullah editor wrote, and I’s is coming
again to help my baby girl when school starts .

I want to thank all our compatriots for their support and kind words
of acknowledgement , and again ask that they keep us in their prayers
and charitable giving.