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Tenn. U.

From: []
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 3:39 PM

Hey Brothers HK & Terry Lee,
I wish I had your strength & tenacity. But, ya’ll have
my heart & prayers. You let that ignorant Professor Slap know
that the CSA military was one of the most diverse militaries in
the world and that our CSA military’s tactics have been studied
and still used today. Also tell him to teach lies makes a world
of liars and liars are people who can’t be trusted. Maybe Mr. Slap
is historically and functionally challenged…so maybe I’ll challenge
him on his American history. You tell him that when I honor Confederate
Veterans, I honor them all, I don’t discriminate as to race, religion
or any other difference…I honor all, because all fought for a
cause that they knew in their heart was right. Whites from all nations
(as our country is a melting pot of all nations), blacks, indians,
hispanics, all came together for one common cause…their freedoms
and the proper way of life. God bless you HK & Terry Lee.

Lainie Cross
Sarah Isabella Haynes Chapter 10~President
Honoring our past. Working for our Future.