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Radio Interview ? Talk Radio WWNC 530 Am Matt Mittans,
Take A Stand Program

On Tuesday evening August 22, 2006, Terry Lee and I would continue
the media frenzy we have been on in the past several months in support
of our Southern Cross and the pledge that we made as Honorary members
of over 250 Sons of Confederate Veteran Camps nation wide to defend
the Confederate Soldiers good name ; as guest of popular radio talk
show host Matt Mittan, on one of Western North Carolinas most historic
and well respected radio stations; WWNC 530 AM. For me Matt’s program,
"Take A Stand" will always be a home coming of sort, far
it was here that the programs 1st annual award to an individual
who has made a noble stand, was presented to me in 1998.

On this evening we would accept much praise from so many listeners
and those who have followed our exploits, everyone being unforgettable,
and especially the ones we received from Black callers who were
so supportive , and this support would come from one of my former
NAACP committee chairs who so eloquently described the body politic
in which White and Black Southerners lived in a difficult time in
the development of this nation in love, harmony and respect equaled
to no other place on earth during that epoch of slavery and wanton
destruction of our culture and homeland.