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Daily Reports On H.K. Edgerton’s March Across Virginia

(Pictures below)

On October 14, 2006. the 3rd anniversary of the historic March Across Dixie,
aided and sponsored in part by the owners of the Dixie OutFitters store in Madison
Heights, Virginia, Dennis and Brenda Beeton ; Terry Lee and I would began another
March seeking justice for our Southland that continues to suffer from the Reconstruction
agenda of social, and cultural genocide. Armed with the letter that I not only
wrote to President George W. Bush, but also put into his hands at a Town Hall
meeting in the Capitol of North Caroilna, we now make our way North to the Nations
Capitol in hopes that this President who I believe to be the most courageous,
honorable and Christian President to enter the White house since George Washington,
and further the only one in my estimation who carries the convictions and courage
to right the terrible wrong placed upon the Judaeo / Christian White folks of
our Southland , our flag symbols, and historical motivations that led our people
to secceed from the union which they helped forge.

Before we began our journey up highway 29 North; our first stop would be
to attend on this Saturday morning at the invitation of the local Sons of
Confederate Veterans Camp # 1733 and the ladies of the United Daughters of
the Confederacy Chapter 11 of Appomattox, the historic Appomatox Railroad
Festival ; we would be received with a great ovation of love and bravado by
the thousands gathered as our Southern float, Terry Lee with his African drums
decorated with thirteen Confederate Flags , and I carrying my battle flag
passed them by. To witness the love we received by both Red, Yellow, Black
and White folk at this gathering surely puts holes in the written rhetoric
of those who hate all things Southern. Shortly after the end of the parade,
we would gather at DixieOutFitters , say goodbye to the many well wishers
who had gathered, and along with Julie Fulton of DixieOutFitters of Odum, Georgia,
we began the first day of our journey. On this day I would carry the Tennessee
Republic Flag which flew over Bethesda Church in Morristown; in honor of all
my babies of Maryville, Blount County and the whole of Tennessee who have
made a most honorable stand in Dixie Land for our people. Ten miles we would
march on this day; just two miles from the out skirts of the City of Amherst,
Virginia which has dishonored itself by removing the Southern Cross from it’s
historical position of the cities seal.

Day two, October 15, 2006 , accompanied by Dennis Beeton of Dixie OutFitters,
Terry Lee and I would make our way into Amherst. We would hold a short vigil
at the Episcopalian Church store, in protest of the shamless action of the
Episcopalian Church in Richmond that denied a memorial service for two brothers
of the Confederate Army buried on their grounds. Along with Dupont, the Boys
Scout Council of Richmond that removed the Honorable General Marse Lee from
their insignia, the Virginia Senate who continues to not allow Confederate
History Month in the state, we moved forward to Washington with heavy hearts.
There is no man who ever walked God’s earth, who more epitomizes honor, integrity,and
courage than Marse Lee. He was a great Episcopalian as well.

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of support for our most honorable journey.

Your Brother,