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Day 3 – H.K. Edgerton’s March Across Virginia

(Pictures below)

Today, October 17, 2006, I would brandish for the very first time , the Stainless
Banner (2nd National Confederate Flag) and head once again up highway 29 North
towards Washington, D.C. in hopes that the President would hear my plea for
help for my Southern family. I would carry the Stainless Banner on this day
in rememberance of the Honorable General Stonewall Jackson , and in honor of
Amanda Horkey of Greenville, S.C., the first female and youth recipient of the
Southern Legal Resource Centers Medal of Honor; this was her favorite flag,
and also was the shroud for the body of General Jackson. In mentioning the General,
I would be remiss in my duties if I did not mention the efforts of community
leaders like the Beeton’s of DixieOutfitters and the Lynchburg Historical Foundation
to restore the Packet Boat Marshall that carried the General up the James River
to his final resting place in Lexington.

I also would like to personally thank the Amherst County Sheriff’s Department
and the Virginia State Highway Department for keepinng a watchful eye out
for our safety.

Even though Dennis, Terry Lee and myself faced the rain all day; it did not
deter the many well wishers who either pass us by, or got out of their vehicles
to pose for pictures . One middle age Black woman wanted to know if i wanted
a ride , and what kind of flag I was carrying and why ? I told her what flag
I was carrying, and that the nation had made a terrible miscalculation and
mistake in it’s continuing Reconstruction modus operandi of trying to divide
and separate Southern Black and White folks by demonizing our flag , distorting
historically the reasons for the War Between The States ; while erradicating
the place of honor and dignity that we earned under this banner in defense
of the only people who ever cared about our well being ; the Southern White
man.I told her that America was in denial; of the complicity a whole section
of this nation, had in the slave trade (the North), she had not only condemned
the South , but let the rest of the civilized world off scott free, and created
the planned hate she had set out to do between Black and White folks in the
South. I told her of the love that we had developed in those cotton, bean
and sugar fields for each other, and the teachings to us by men like General
Jackson and the Honorable Rev. R.L. Dabney of Prince Edward County , Virginia
on Sunday mornings of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, in lieu of the economic
institution of slavery,and this was the center piece of the resolve that had
seen us through every illicit tactic that had been thrown our way. However,
I told her that here in the 21st century, that we must stand again as family,or
the Southland of America, it’s morals, mores, and values would come to an
end. She wished me well , but did not think that President Bush had the courage
or desire to help the Southern people restore their honor , because far too
much stealing would have to be returned.

Our ten mile trek for the day woiuld end at the Confederate Monument in Lovingston,
Virginia, where we shall began on tommorrow. Again I shall make a plea for
you all to help us with your charitable giving. Please go to our web site: