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Day 7 – H.K. Edgerton’s March Across Virginia

(Pictures below)

Today,October 21, 2006, along with the brave men of the Garland & Rodes
Camp #409 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, we began day 7 of the March Across
Virignia from just on the out skirts of Charlottesville, Virginia. I was more
than elated to have Commander Brian Giles and his men experience the love that
Dennis, Ronnie, Terry Lee and myself have been experiencing all week long, and
most importantly the opportunity for them to pass out some truths that many
never hear unless they are lucky enough to have family, or belong to the Sons
or Daughters of the Confederacy who know our true history. We were all so proud
to have young Michael Lenz,President of the Appomattox Juniors Chapter 32, Children
of the Confederacy not only lead us , but also tire us all out as he served
as the road guard, running back and forth to continue his lead position.

The highlight of the day came for us when a member of the Charlottesville
police not only wished us well, but responded when we told him that we were
on our way to see the President; you are going to see Jeff Davis. We gave
him three cheers, and all strutted down 29 like peacocks. God bless all those
wonderful Charlotttesville police who kept a watchful eye on us .

Terry Lee has a doctors appointment on Tuesday, and we shall not march again
until Wednesday morning, October 25, 2006.

It is too bad that the press of Charlottesville did not come out and interview
us about the journey we are undertaking. However, the more I am in this area,
the more it is plain that some folks of the media have climbed in the bed
with those who hate all things Southern. My mama always said that the truth
hurts, and I know they would have found plenty hurt had they experienced all
the love we received from the people; Red, Yellow, Black and White as we made
our way to the White House.