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Asheville, North Carolina

Dear Ms Lunelle,

This morning I would visit the Black Barber Shop in my home town
of Asheville, N.C.. It is the center place of all knowing of the
community; in essence it is the University of higher learning. On
this morning, the men gathered there would express surprise at my
presence. It just so happens that I had been there many mornings
before touting my upcoming March North ; whereupon I had admonished
that I would take up the contents of a letter I had written, and
later put in the hands of President George W.Bush at a Town Hall
Meeting in our States Capitol. That letter would spell out to Mr…
Bush how the Southland of America had come and saved his Presidency,
and only now asked of him the same kind of civil discourse he himself
had described that his counterparts in the Democratic Party lacked.
Our discourse involved the social and cultural genocide that we
as Southerners face daily from those who hate all things Southern,
and who continue to dumb down our children with distorted history,
and out right lies while using the economic institution of slavery
as it’s weapon of choice to continue the Reconstruction modus operandi
of the public school system to advance the goal of dividing and
separating Southern Blacks and Whites.

The Barber would
produce from under his counter , where he kept an extensive file
on me; a newspaper clipping from Statesboro, Georgia. There I
stood on the courthouse steps of Statesboro, brandishing the Christian
Cross of Saint Andrew, adorn in my Confederate Uniform, readying
myself to give the Keynote speech at the Lee/Jackson Banquet ,
just one day prior I had buried my dear Mother in controversy,
as she became to my knowledge the first Black woman to be given
a full Confederate State Funeral. On that same evening I had also
given the Keynote address at a similar Reception in Knoxville,
Tennessee. The men in the barber shop let me know that while my
March was now stranded and in retreat some 108 miles from Washington,
D.C.on highway 29 ; the irony of the moment was that George W.
was in Statesboro, in my house, in the Southland of America, groveling
for the very same votes I had so adequately described in my letter
to him. They also reminded me that George had been on the Fox
program of Hannity and Colmes, and never once had the very same
men who had asked me to appear on their program over the concerns
of the flag, mentioned it. They told me that they were not surprised
so much about Hannity and Colmes because it appeared to them that
Hannity and Colmes had reneged on an invitation to have me appear
on their program. Their concern when they learned that Terry Lee
and I had to retreat from our journey on highway 29 North because
we had run out of funds and support ; was just maybe the South
didn’t care enough about our cause and plight. To my surprise
and delight; they took up a collection for us totaling $129.00.

What can I tell these men other than thanks. I pray that we can
find the means to continue North for all of us who call ourselves
Southern, and arguably the entire nation who must accept it’s
very own complicity in the economic institution of slavery, and
further admonish that the very honorable people of the South,
especially the one who called himself Master, and the other Slave;
dragged the entire civilized world from the caves of darkness
with the production of a product called cotton,and while many
neither owned or cared about the institution, insisted that those
who did follow the biblical directions of Paul and not mistreat
this man called slave, or that they would suffer the wrath of
God .

I truly hope to finish the journey North soon. Updates about
our progress to raise the fiscal and humane support to do so will
be posted on our web site:

Your Brother,