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An Open Letter / November 2, 2006

Dear Commander Dorsey,

I checked my records and you did send me a$100.00. I’m happy that
this also gives me the opportunity to give you some idea on how
I spent it. Part of it was used to help defer some of the expense
of the superlative handbook produced by the Asheville Tribune as
a collectors item, and teaching aid for my journey North; part of
the proceeds are to be used to defer some of the cost I truly incur
doing what I do. There far too many times that I have to give one
away versus collecting the $10.00 sell price for a signed copy.
How could I not give the young Black educator the two that she wanted
to take back to her peers; as I stood talking to her about the Union
League, and how the Ku Klux Klan broke the back of Reconstruction,
etc., etc. ;(over on highway 29, while also giving an interview
with the Washington Post) , and a signed copy of the historic Dixie
OutFitter Tee shirt with my picture on it; she called it a real
Black History moment, and expressed a great deal more delight when
I presented her with a little more history; a March Across Virginia
shirt which introduces Southern Heritage 411. That does not include
the other 10 books that I am forced to give to the other people
gathered, because after all , I gave them to the teacher, and before
you know it, you have given away twenty more shirts. The most important
lesson is that you have had the opportunity to educate, promote,
and at the very least stimulate the minds of our lost sheep to seek
out the other side of a story not told by those who hate all things
Southern. Part of your money was use to cover the cost associated
with the preparation and training associated with making this trip.
Part of it helped to cover the cost of gas, cleaning of clothes,
food, maintenance of equipment shelter, supplies , and the list
of intangibles go on.

At the end of the day; we hope that we have move one step closer
in our efforts to undo the legacy of shame heaped upon our Southland
and people by those who have gained far too much momentum in their
planned Reconstruction modus operandi to indoctrinate into the thinking
process of our children and nation ,a history recorded by the victor
that tells of only Southern shame, using any and every weapon at
it’s disposal to divide and separate that man who was called Master
from a man he called not only Slave, but also family.

We unfortunately now find our selves in a vacuum in retreat on highway
29, about 108 miles from the boundaries of Washington, D.C.. We
have run out of resources, both fiscal and humane to continue .
Retreat is not what I want to call on for an option. We have received
some donations, but not enough to justify moving forward at this

Your Brother,