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An Open Letter / Women of The South / Moving North

Today Friday November 3, 2006, as I sit here pondering the sixth
day of retreat of our journey North;I stumbled across a passage
in the Sons of Confederate Veterans Chaplain’s Handbook : Remembering
Our Southern Ladies( The ladies… are ransacking their brains to
find modes of comforting the sick and wounded soldiers. How much
is it possible for the men of a country to be subjugated when the
women show so much spirit? How much more does the work, the nerve
and the sorrowing energy of our women test their unconquered spirit
and their cheering faith in our cause? All, of every degree and
every age, with praying heart and tearful eye, with one consent
are engaged everywhere in unceasing labor, plying the busy needle,
handling the constant shuttle, twirling the ceaseless wheel, nursing
the sick, watching the dying or binding the wounded limb, all of
a common country and from reverent patriotism. Neither history nor
romance shows a parallel to the devotion our women are now displaying
in every hamlet of our land. This is the age of heroines and I glory
in the fact that my wife and mother are among them.)

I could not help to but to think of the brave young women of the
South who have been the back bone of the 21st century in the war
against social and cultural genocide in the South and nation. I
could not help but to think of the stand of Jacqueline Duty in Kentucky,
Aimee Robinson in Maryville and Blount County, Tennessee, Amanda
Harkey in Greenville, South Carolina, Anna Warnke in Cummings, Georgia,
my baby girl Candice Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina, or the Ladies
of the Rose and United Daughters of the Confederacy. How I ponder
to myself , can I tell these brave women who have given so much
of themselves to free the Southern people from persecution so that
we be allowed to preserve our unique Heritage and Culture with a
future that will always include Confederate Heritage; that I HK
Edgerton am now in retreat on Highway 29 North into Washington,D.C.?