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March Across Virginia / Terry Lee’s Words / A Decision

We met today to discuss the very honorable proposal of the Sons
of Confederate Veterans of Virginia; to delay our March . It came
down to a vote and, Terry Lee had the last and deciding word ; he
called it a compromise and moment of truth; HK, he would say, looking
right at me, just like his mama would; we have never quit on a March,
you can call this anything you want to, but it’s not us, and it’s
bigger than us, and we don’t quit. You go get on that email, and
tell our family this:

I have measured our resources and our
liabilities, and have determined in my best estimation if we are
prudent; we can make it . God gave us all these beautiful days,
and you know we are doing his work. Cutting to the chase, we need
$3,258.74. before the banks close on Monday morning November 21,
2006; then we leave highway 29 North just outside Charlottesville
at 6:30 AM , and we will march 15 miles a day six days a week,
and if need be 20 miles a day until we reach Washington, D.C.
We stand ready to put our lives on the line seeking justice for
the wrongful harm that our Southern homeland and her people continue
suffer , even if we have to march up that road along, we know
that they are with us, but I believe we should go .

Terry Lee, and I leave for Nashville, Tennessee on this evening,
whereupon on Saturday morning we shall join the Tennessee Sons
of Confederate Veterans in a Veterans Day Parade . God bless you
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