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An Open Letter / Vanderbilt University Black Student Association
Forum On The Confederacy / University Of The South

The Black Student Association of Vanderbilt University withdrew
their invitation for me to speak at a planned forum on January 13,
2007. The planned forum was to be a round table discussion of invited
speakers whose topic was their feelings about the Confederate cause
and the Confederacy. In an email, they stated that my request that
they include Mr..Kirk D.Lyons as one of the speakers led them to
the decision that they no longer required my services.

I don’t even want to, but I must speculate on the lost opportunity
for these young minds to have Kirk D. Lyons and H.K. Edgerton in
a venue such as this. They should have emptied the University, and
community coffers . However, I can only conclude that for the politically
correct academic elite, our presence jeopardizes the hold that they
have on the minds of those young people who seek truth historical
truth. They can continue their practice of assaulting Mr.. Lyons
character should they choose. However, Kirk D. Lyons actions for
helping Black folks and those who find themselves destitute in their
abilities to find legal counsel in a system that maintains one is
innocent, until proven guilty; no matter his name, station , or
charge leveled against him, is his only fault.

I propose that the politically, academic elite of Vanderbilt fear
Kirk D.Lyons because he is the moment of truth, and the antidote
for Southern Cultural Genocide. You can keep name calling him if
you want too. However, I shall choose like the Federal Judge who
presided over the DuPont case in Richmond, Virginia, as he looked
in the eyes of the seven trial lawyers who stood before him. "There
is one honorable man among you, and Mr.. Lyons, you Sir, are that

Sewanee / The University of The South: As I sat holding discussion
and an interview with Ms. Gwyndolyn Turner, a student of The University
of The South, and on Staff with marketing for the Heritage Preservation
Foundation, along with Newspaper Publisher of The Asheville / Hendersonville
Tribune and his son Obie Morgan, I was not at all surprised that
she like many of the students of the University were not aware of
the facts surrounding the decision of the school to follow the path
suggested by a Northern Public Relations firm hired by the school
to divest the school of its Confederate past. She was not aware
of the continuing Reconstruction modus operandi of using Black folks
to accomplish these means were being employed by the firm. The mere
suggestion that Black folks who attended the school would be offended
by the presence of Southern symbols found at the school , and that
the school should remove them was among their claim. The wanton
destruction of the Golden Mace presented to the Honorable Nathan
Bedford Forrest and use in many ceremonial displays by the school
was dismantled in the basement of the school and left as common
trash ; she like many students were not aware. I told her that The
University of The South, the Episcopalian Church of Richmond, the
Boy Scout Council in Richmond , those of us who call ourselves Southern,
and the Virginia State Senate, had an obligation and a duty to the
honorable ancestors of our South to see that their memories are
not regulated to dishonor by those who hate all things Southern
and continue to reap profits from their ill gotten gains.