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A Time To Remember

As the Presidential elections loom near, I want the Southern people to remember
that it was John McCain who led the charge to have the Southern Cross removed
from the National Park service in Missouri.

Please remember Rudy’s speech in Yankee stadium right after 911, when he touted
the people of the North for coming to the South to free the slaves from those
bad Southern people. It’s too bad he didn’t speak of the Mayor of New York wanting
to succeed from the Union, and remain neutral so that his City could continue
doing business with the South.

Please remember in a recent MSNBC interview with former President Bush , who
while talking about his decision to send troops into Kuwait, had this to say;
"I did just what President Lincoln did, he said; I prayed. No true Southerner
would have made that statement, since we all know that Lincoln in all probability
was an atheist.

Please remember that it was John Edwards who was so ashamed of our Southern
Cross because it was so offensive. I don’t believe that he can find ten people
in or around the beautiful city of Wallahalla, South Carolina that would vote
for him.