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The Shame of the Virginia Legislature

Once again the shame of the Virginia Legislature has raised its
ugly head. The proposed apology for slavery is nothing but a guise
by the Yankees and shameful Southerners who occupy those once hallow
halls to further divide Southern White and Black folks. If there
is any apology due in Virginia or any State of the Southern Confederacy;
it would be first for bringing the war criminal Lincoln statue of
him and his son to the iron works that built the cannon that fired
on the revenue collecting Fort Sumter. If any apology is due to
Black folks; it would be this very body denying Confederate History
Month, thereby denying the true story of the honor and dignity earned
by those Africans who called the Southland of America home , and
the Whites he called family, after their very own African brothers
sold them into slavery over the entire world.

If there is
any apology due for this turbulent period of time in our history;
it should come from Federal Government to the Southern people
for not only all the stealing, murder, rape, burning of property,
and consequently the circumventing of Constitutional Law , beginning
with the ugliness of the 14 Amendment , and all the actions of
the thieves who ran this government during so called Reconstruction,
where his plan of divide and separate began with the establishment
of the so called Freemen’s Bureau, and the establishment of the
public school system. If there is any apology , back it up with
retribution to those Black and White folks who had their property
stolen under the second 13 Amendment.

H.K. Edgerton