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The time has come for me to simply ignore their bigotry.

Dear Joe,

God bless you Sir. I have had to fight these bigots every day since
the first day I picked up the Southern Cross.This is just old news
for me. They do a great injustice to the fight for Southern vindication.
It makes no difference how many times I answer there ridiculous
questions. They hate all things Black. I answered their questions
to Tim Manning. They are simply the fuel that Jessee Jackson looks
for. It does not matter what I do for my homeland, they will always
hate. The time has come for me to simply ignore their bigotry. I
will relish instead in the love that I have received from the good
and godly people of not only the South , but the many from the North
who support our efforts for Southern vindication, and Ms Ellen and
all her kind can go home and soak in their hate. They have become
poster children for not only the NAACP, but for anyone who wants
an excuse to declare the South and the Christian White folks of
the South racist. I can only offer them love, and pray that some
day the honor and dignity earned by my African family alongside
his White family here in the South can be restored. I will never
turn my back on the Black folks of the South or North, nor shall
I turn my back on my White Southern family or the sympathetic Northerners
who champion our cause for justice. The NAACP is an organization
whose policy against the symbols of our ancestors and their interpretation
of history is one that I do not accept. However, I hate no one in
it’s organization, and I see no man as my enemy. We are all Americans
who have many, many common causes. I only pray for the day that
my Southern family and all her children can walk proud in the display
of their love for their ancestors, and the honorable stand that
they fought for what they believed to be right.

Terry Lee
and I hope to began our journey across the State of Florida on
February 2, 2006 albeit that we will not march . I will ask Commander
Daryl Starnes of the Heritage Denfense Committee if we can finish
our March Across Virginia by restarting on or around April 16,
2007. I also plan my final big March with the 5 year anniversary
of the Historic March Across Dixie with a re-union March, if I
can persuade my little brother Terry Lee, the SCV, UDC, League
of the South, Southern Party, SLRC and of course my Southern and
Northern family to help ; this would commence on October 14, 2007.

Your Brother,