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Candice Michelle Hardwick vs Latta High School / An Open Report

The ruling in the preliminary hearing of Hardwick was so outlandish
that I had to continue to read it in hopes that I could find the
Red Herring that led this Federal Court to it’s decision.I already
know that justice is not what one should look for in any of these
proceedings in this arena, only precedence law can be the guiding
force behind these decisions. The Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons
had more than admirably laid out the Castorina Case which clearly
established that merely anticipation of disruption was not enough
to ban the display of our Southern Cross. After reading the subjective
affidavit of a Black student; Collette Hamlin who stated, "if
the Confederate Flag is allowed to be displayed that there will
be disruptions and inevitable altercations". None of this had
ever occurred in the school, and clearly there was no objective
evidence that it would. The Black President of the Student Body
of Latta High, Angelica Akia Williams in her affidavit further offered
subjective prejudice to the Court by stating that;" the Rebel
Flag and it’s past bring too much confusion and turmoil into schools".
"Kids get offended by the Rebel Flag, and furthermore the wearing
of the Flag will only bring more harm than good".

I challenge these two schools of thought that are coming from
two children who have no proof to support their revelations, I
must clearly point out that Ms. Hardwick placed before the Court
a legal document in the form of a petition of signatures of support
of her position from students of her school, both Black and White
that the Court in it’s decision refused to recognize.

It is too bad that Ms Williams in her capacity as Student Body
President does not understand that she not only represents the
Black Students of the School, but all. The Southern Flag should
be in the school, and should be discussed. Ms. Williams and all
those other students should asked the question especially today
as they began to celebrate so called Black History Month; where
are the names of those Black Confederates, their deeds, their
reasons for standing beside their White families when all the
able body men were away ? They should ask their Teachers, why
would the former President of an NAACP Chapter march to the front
door of their school dressed in the Southern Soldiers uniform,
carrying his flag, proclaiming that he and his ancestors side
by side his white family had earned a place of honor and dignity
in defense of their Southern homeland under this banner. I proclaim
to this young lady that the confusion is not by bringing the conversation
of the flags past, or the flag to the school house door ; it is
the planned confusion , distortions, and outright historical lies
perpetrated by the Federal Public School System established in
1865, along with the so called Freedman’s Bureau whose modus operandi
was to divide and separate that supposedly freed African from
the economic institution of slavery that the North, and entire
civilized world, and those African Chieftains were clearly complicit
in. Ms. Williams I presume does not know the questions that she
and her peers should ask her teachers and administrators about
that terrible conflict ; because to do so would lead to the understanding
of the Morrill Tariff, the first 13th Amendment(granting of Slavery
forever by her supposedly emancipator Lincoln), legalities of
Secession, States Rights, the 10th Amendment, the Cherokee Declaration
of Independence, and their Constitution and alliance with the
South in lieu of their Treaty with the Federal Government of the
North, the Union’s total war policy on her ancestors and Ms Hardwick’s,
the illegitimate passage of the 14th Amendment, the Union League
and the terror it wreaked upon her ancestors, and Ms Hardwick’s,
the period of so called Reconstruction and it’s policy that continues
to this day, and one by her very own actions and statements in
her affidavit re-enforce that policy which had more to do with
all the actions that separated us from the love and sense of family
that existed between Black and White folks in the Southland America
in lieu of the economic institution of slavery, and finally she
would find herself studying the Slave Chronicles which offer a
different perspective than the one she puts forward.

I would conclude that Ms.Williams and Ms. Hamlin offer the Red
Herring that I looked so hard for. They like so many unsuspecting
Blacks, to include the Officers of the NAACP who agreed to refill
their depleted coffers by attacking our Southern Flag, are not
only wrong in their assessment of our history, but also being
used as pawns by the Federal Government in it’s Courts and schools
to indict our Honorable Southland and people in a manner in which
they dare not do directly now, and would not do in any court of
the land after the war. (treason trials.)

I sat in the court room in Knoxville, Tennessee in disgust as
the stream of White liberal educators took the witness stand and
presented their perspective of Black Southern thought as if it
was pure truth, as they supported and covered up their actions
as if they were truly Black. We as a people have been used for
far too long to support the actions of the Northern liberal agenda
to rid the South of it’s Constitutional Interpretation , while
covering up it’s own war crimes, which include: murder of innocent
men, women and children of all persuasions, plunder and stealing
of both our fiscal resources, and worse of all the honor of our
people, and the continued effort to divide and separate us with
their actions.