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Setting The Record Straight / An Open Report

A week ago today as I stood in the Centre Building in Farmington,
Missouri, I would conduct a Television interview with a very nice
young Black Reporter who would ask me a question that I have been
asked at least a thousand times by other Reporters : How do your
former NAACP members, and others within that organization feel about
your stand for the Confederate Flag ? My reply to him was this :
I cannot tell you what they all feel because there is no way I could
have talked to them all. However, I can tell you that most that
I have talked to about it have either expressed a respect for my
stand whether they believed in my stand or not. It would be a shocker
to Julian Bond to know that many believe that he attacked the wrong
Flag, and further that all the grief that the organization has placed
on the Southern Flag should have been applied equally upon the Star
and Stripes , and that this campaign that is now waged upon the
Confederate Flag is hypocrisy if the Stars and Stripes is allowed
to get away. It was just not the NAACP members that have expressed
this thought to me , but a huge majority of the Black folks that
I have encountered in my numerous journeys have expressed that if
you follow the train of thought that the NAACP has laid down, then
in America we need another Flag, and a new beginning.