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Civil Rights Fighting / An Open Report

My dear mother used to say that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. This
month is deemed Black History Month in America. As Chairman of The Board of
Advisors Emeritus of the Southern Legal Resource Center, and President of the
newly formed corporation Southern Heritage 411, I have been trying to give out
advice to my compatriots for a very long time about how to civil rights fight
in the biggest civil rights fight I have ever been in ; the fight for Southern
Vindication. However, I seriously wonder if anyone is ever listening to me.

My little brother, Terry Lee a renowned film maker in his own rights has
spent a great deal of time in the documentation of the civil rights fight
waged in the South over of our Southern Cross and the honorable ancestors
who served under it for the past decade; and has at his disposal film that
could very well turn the tide of the onslaught of the politically correct
bureaucrats, media and poverty pimps who will parade out their hate based
and distorted view of history, both past and present, for the entire month
of February. One such documentary is the made for television documentary of
our Historic March Across Dixie , which contrary to most of my critics is
not the HK Edgerton show. It is a well balance account version of many events
in history as told by historians and citizens, Red, Yellow, Black, and White,
who from their family diaries, letters and personal accountings tell a different
story than that of historical revisionist who hate all things Southern. This
three day made for television Documentary should be playing in cities like
Murfreesboro whose cable network reaches an audience over 350,000 viewers,
and wherever our Southern Banner and and honorable heritage is under attack;
and that is almost everywhere in this nation. Our babies should be wearing
the those Confederate shirts that bear the likeness of the many Black Confederate
Heroes all this month, so when the Judge asked them to show him what they
had on ; let the politically correct fight that. It’s called fighting fire
with fire, and is so much closer to the truth than any words can explain.
Placing our banner on the back of an airplane and flying it over the races
at NASCAR only tends to flame the fires of ignorance ; education I believe
is the key. I will always believe if the South has the opportunity to put
it side on the table, and let the chips fall where they may; we will vindicate
our homeland, and our honorable ancestors who can longer defend themselves.
Please visit our web site :, and support our efforts
to bring our message forward to the American public.