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The true story of the Allen Central Game: an open report

Yesterday, February 19, 2007, I asked my brother in arms Roger McCredie,
who is the Executive Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center,
to help me put together a demand to the attorney general of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky for a criminal and civil investigation
into the actions of Mr.. Ned Pillersdorf, a volunteer basketball
coach at the David High School in Floyd County, Kentucky. It was
Mr.. Pillersdorf who invented the story about a black basketball
player of his team being “taunted” last year by fans
of Allen Central High School with a Confederate battle flag. This
out and out lie of Mr.. Pillersdorf’s was used as the basis
for cancelling the Allen Central vs. David game this year which,
after the lie was exposed, led to the game being played behind closed
doors and nevertheless won overwhelmingly by the Rebels of Allen
Central. However the lie had done its work as I was invited to speak
at Allen Central earlier this month but then informed on absolutely
no notice, after traveling to Kentucky, that my appearance had been
forbidden by the school superintendent who apparently feared that
my being there to speak the truth would call more media attention
upon his school system. This action constitutes a denial of my right
to free speech and I felt that the logical and appropriate recipient
of my request should be the honorable attorney general of the Commonwealth
of Kentucky.

Now it is not generally known that Roger McCredie in his youth
was an award winning investigative reporter, and he is still in
full possession of all those skills, which is highly advantageous
to the Southern Legal Resource Center. This morning he called
me into his office and said “H.K., you potentially have
a very good case but I sure would not be looking for too much
sympathy from the attorney general’s office.” He went
on to say “It looks like they are pretty cozy over there
in Kentucky.” He then handed me a stack of evidence documents
which revealed the following: Mr.. Ned Pillersdorf, a transplanted
Yankee from Brooklyn, New York, whose lie set in motion this entire
chain of events is married to Janet Stumbo who is the assistant
coach of the David basketball team and who also participated in
this lie according to the news media. She is also now a judge
on the Kentucky court of appeals. Last year she defended a democratic
candidate for county attorney, one Champ Maze who was charged
according to the Kentucky Law Review with attempted vote buying
and obstructing of justice. Most significantly, the attorney general
of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to whom I was intending to send
my request for an investigation into this violation of my constitutional
rights is the Hon. Greg Stumbo and he is a cousin of Janet Stumbo
who is also Mrs.. Pillersdorf.

Playing into such a fantastically stacked deck, especially in
the pursuit of justice is obviously a waste of time which I have
little of and resources of which I have none. However I ask my
Southern family to stand with me and never fear as with the help
of my friends and brothers and sisters I shall go forward and
pursue the inequities that have been done to me, because by them
being done unto me they are being done to all Southerners. I ask
for your continued prayerful support for me and for our cause,
as well as for the superb freedom fighters at the SLRC.

Faithfully your brother,

H.K. Edgerton