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An Open Letter to Ms. Emily McCarthy, Special Litigation Counsel, Educational Opportunities Section, PHB/Civil Rights Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice

H.K. Edgerton
71 Buffalo Street
Asheville, N.C. 28806

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530

Attn. Ms Emily McCarthy, Special Litigation Counsel
Educational Opportunities Section, PHB Fax : (202) 514-4092

Dear Counsel McCarthy,
I wrote a request for help to the U.S. Attorney Kentucky, Eastern, the Honorable
Danny Harris, for help in seeking a criminal or civil investigation into the
actions of a Volunteer basketball Coach, Ned Pillersdorff of David School in
Floyd County, Kentucky. It is the contention that he knowingly conspired to
create an environment of disruption in the community at large, using as his
weapon of choice, the Confederate Battle Flag ; with the expressed intent to
have the flag banned as a mascot from an opposing school( Allen Central ), also
from Floyd County, Kentucky.

Mr.. Pillersdorff through his actions, created a chain of events that would
eventually lead to my being banned as reported in local and National media from
speaking at a Black History event at Allen Central. As per instructed by State
Attorney Harris through his First Assistant U.S. Attorney in ruling that no
Federal violations had occurred ( see email Feb. 21, 2007 / enclosed/ from Danny
Smith), that I should contact the U.Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
; I come humbly to you seeking help in this most serious matter.

As a member of the Kentucky Bar, and having as his volunteer Assistant Coach,
Ms. Janet Stumbo, also a member of the Kentucky Bar, and a seating Judge in
the Kentucky Court of Appeals ; it is highly unlikely that Mr.. Ned Pillersdorff
did not have some knowledge of Case Law involving Castorina, which clearly in
laymen’s terms concludes that if there is a disturbance, or environment conducive
to such; the Confederate Battle Flag should be removed, or clearly banned. Mr..
Pillersdorff deliberately with premeditated malice solicited the aid of Samara
Jaffari in her capacity as a reporter for the Associated Press, and the local
Newspaper, The Lexington Herald, to deliver a report to the greater Kentucky
and National community of such fraudulent proportions that it would incite the
surrounding community to planned violence.

The magnitude of the implications of allowing such acts to go unchecked, or
even unpunished is staggering for those of us who call ourselves Southern, and
who watch everyday as our children are hauled into courts across this land to
defend their actions, actions which were that they dare to adorn a garb that
bore the flag of the Southern soldier, or in many cases, just his image ; and
have only Castorina Case Law as their primary line of defense. It is worthy
to note that while there exists Federal Protection against National Origin Discrimination,
these laws supposedly make it illegal to discriminate because of a person’s
birth place, ancestry, culture or language, yet do not allow those of us who
face the wrath of the likes of Ned Pillersdorff and the bigotry that he feels
because of that Origin, the luxury of that protection because our point of National
Origin just happen to be from those States deemed the Confederates of America.

As to my reputation, the harm may already be irreparable. The reporting of my
being banned as a Speaker during Black History Month at Allen Central has caused
me considerable discomfort, both fiscally and physically. I can only hope for
some direction from you in these matters.

HK Edgerton
President Southern Heritage 411
Chairman Board of Advisors Emeritus Southern Legal
Resource Center